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January 1999


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"B" Cave (California, United States), Abisso di Monte Nero (Sicily, Italy), Abisso Profondo Lavico (Sicily, Italy), Abisso Profondo Nero (Sicily, Italy), Arnahellir (Iceland), Bahani (Anjouan), Baraci (Sardinia, Italy), Baraggiones (Sardinia, Italy), Barker's Cave (McBride Province, Queensland, Australia), Bayliss Cave (Queensland, Australia), Big Room Cave (Hawaii), Boboni (Anjouan), Camp Thorel Lava Cave (Hawaii), Caombus (Sardinia, Italy), Cappas I (Sardinia, Italy), Cave BB3 (Comorose), Cave HH1 (Comorose), Cave HH10 (Comorose), Cave HH11 (Comorose), Cave HH12 (Comorose), Cave HH13 (Comorose), Cave HH2 (Comorose), Cave HH3 (Comorose), Cave HH4 (Comorose), Cave HH5 (Comorose), Cave HH6 (Comorose), Cave HH7 (Comorose), Cave HH8 (Comorose), Cave HH9 (Comorose), Cave No. 13 (Nairobi), Cave No. 14 (Nairobi), Cave of the Pelicans (Sardinia, Italy), Cave SB1 (Comorose), Cave SB2 (Comorose), Cave SG1 (Comorose), Cave SG2 (Comorose), Cave SG3 (Comorose), Cave SG4 (Comorose), Chaos Cave (Romania), Chepnyalil Cave (Uganda), Chocolate Cave (Romania), Coro Malzu (Sardinia, Italy), Cueva del Tigre (Argentina), Cueva del Viento (Canary Islands, Spain), Cueva Doña Otilia (Argentina), Dibouani (Ajouan), Djoumouachongo (Ajouan), Duck Creek Lava Tube (Utah, United States), Ebeczkého jaskyna (Slovakia), Fassi (Anjouan), Furna do Agua (Portugal), Genna s'Armentu (Sardinia, Italy), Giant Room Cave (Hawaii, United States), Giant's Hole (England), Golgo (Sardinia, Italy), Grotta Cassone (Sicily, Italy), Grotta Catanese I (Sicily, Italy), Grotta Cutrona (Sicily, Italy), Grotta de Gello (Sicily, Italy), Grotta degli Archi (Sicily, Italy), Grotta dei Ladri (Sicily, Italy), Grotta dei Tre Livelli (Sicily, Italy), Grotta del Fumo (Sicily, Italy), Grotta del Lago (Sicily, Italy), Grotta del Lamponi (Sicily, Italy), Grotta del Santo (Sicily, Italy), Grotta Dell'Arco (Sicily, Italy), Grotta delle Palombe (Sicily, Italy), Grotta di Monte Oe (Sardinia), Grotta di Serracozzo (Sicily, Italy), Grotta Intraleo (Sicily), Grotta La Fenice (Sicily, Italy), Grotta La Montagnola (Sicily, Italy), Grotta Micio Conti (Sicily, Italy), Grotta Petralia (Sicily, Italy), Gruttiacqua (Sardinia), Gurti Acqua (Sardinia, Italy), Hoyo Dolo (Argentina), Huehue Tube (Hawaii, United States), Immacolatella I Cave (Sicily, Italy), Ispelunca de Nonna (Sardinia, Italy), Itsandzeni (Ajouan), Kelly Cave (Australia), Kis-ko hill (Hungary), Kourani (Ajouan), KTM Cave (Sicily, Italy), La Grotta del Gelo (Sicily, Italy), Lava Cave IZ2 (Comoros), Lava Cave KO5 (Comoros), Lava Cave KO6 (Comoros), Leviathan Cave (Nairobi), Luttoni Biancu (Sardinia, Italy), Macchia Gialla (Sicily, Italy), Makingen Cave (Uganda), Mathaioni Cave (Nairobi), Micio Conti Tube (Sicily, Italy), Motzo (Sardinia, Italy), Pahoa Cave System (Hawai'I, United States), Panga Mdrashi BB1 (Grand Comoroe, Comoros), Panga Milembeni (Grand Comoroe, Comoros), Panga Nyamaoui (Grand Comoroe, Comoros), Panga Rajab BB2 (Grand Comoroe, Comoros), Pentuma de Pala Umbrosia (Sardinia, Italy), Pozzo del Diavolo (Italy), Puka 4 Cave (Hawai'i, United States), Ragácska Studna (Slovakia), Ragácsky Komin (Slovakia), Ruins Cave (Romania), Rutta de Su Cannoni (Sardinia, Italy), S'istampu de Pippetto (Sardinia, Italy), s'Istampu de Ziu Nanni (Sardinia, Italy), S.G. 2 Tube (Sicily, Italy), Sa Ucca 'e Su Vulcanu (Italy), San Gregorio Cave (Sicily, Italy), Serracozzo Cave (Sicily, Italy), Sezam (Slovakia), Shetani Lava Cave (Kenya), Shield Cave (Hawai'i, United States), Simboussa (Grand Comoroe, Comoros), Singani (Grand Comoro, Comoroes), Su Fossu Corroga (Sardinia, Italy), Sutterru de Murada (Sardinia, Italy), Terra di San Giovanni (Sardinia, Italy), Tre Livelli Tube (Sicily, Italy), Twilight Cavern (Mauritius), Ucca de Mammuscone (Sicily, Italy), Ucca de su Vicariu (Sicily, Italy), Zoe's Puka (Hawai'I, United States), Conferences, Vulcanospeleology


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