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January 1991


Organizers: William R. Halliday et al. Publication: 6th International Symposium on Vulcanospeleology Edited by G. Thomas Rea, ISBN 1-879-961-02-4, 286 pages, softbound National Speleological Society, Huntsville, 1992 Contents: Forward / William R. Halliday. Vulcanospeleology of Hawaii: Hawaiian use of lava tube caves and shelters / Yosihiko H. Sinoto -- Recently discovered Hawaiian religious and burial caves / Michael La Plante -- Native Hawaiian water collection systems in lava tubes (caves) and fault cracks / James F. Martin -- Lava tube systems of the Hilina Pali area, Ka'u district, Hawaii / Stephan Kempe and Christhild Ketz-Kempe -- Lava features of Olaa Cave, Hawaii / Dave Bunnell and Bill Liebman --Impact of Richter 6.1 Temblor Upon Malama Cave, Puna District, Hawaii, Hawaii: An Insider's View / Marlin Spike Werner and Caroline Werner -- Underground Observations During the Pu'u 0's Earthquake, 4:06 P.M., August 8, 1990 / Stephan Kempe and Christhild Ketz-Kempe -- Caves of Southern Kauai Darrel Tanaka -- Lava Tubes at Mauna Ulu, Kilauea Volcano, 1972-1974 / Donald W. Peterson and Robin T. Holcomb. Vulcanospeleology of the Mainland USA: Historical Misunderstandings About Lava Tube Systems and Lava Tube Caves of Lava Beds National Monument, California / Charles V. Larson -- Geology and Mineralogy of Lava Tube Caves in Medicine Lake Volcano, California / Bruce W. Rogers and Patricia H. Rice -- Lava Caving Areas in New Mexico Michael Goar and Cyndi Mosch -- General Geology and Development of Lava Tubes In New Mexico's EI Malpais National Monument / Bruce W. Rogers -- Lava Tubes of Pisgah, Southern California / Russell Harter -- Lava pseudokarsts of Mount St. Helens: the first decade after the 1980 eruptions / William R. Halliday and Marcia L. Halliday -- Recent discovery of secondary mineral deposits in an Idaho lava tube / David W. Kesner -- Lava tube systems of Lava Beds National Monument / Charles V. Larson. Vulcanospeleology of the World: Lava Caves in the Hallmundarhraun Lava Flow, Western Iceland / Bjorn Hoarsson and Sigurour S. Jonsson -- Preliminary Speleological Investigations in Surtsey / Bjorn Hoarsson and Sigurour S. Jonsson -- The Undara Lava Tube System, North Queensland, Australia: Updated Data and Notes on Mode of Formation and Possible Lunar Analogue / Anne Atkinson -- Caves and Pits from the Azores With Some Comments on Their Geological Origin, Distribution, and Fauna / P.A.V. Borges, A. Silva, and F. Pereira -- Lava Caves of Sao Miguel Island, Azores / Joao C. Nunes and Teofilo Braga -- Graciosa Caldera Lava Lake and Associated Lava Caves, Graciosa Island, Azores / J.L.Gaspar, G.Queiroz, and V.H.Forjaz -- Vulcanospeleological Pseudokarst in Micronesia: an Overview / Bruce W. Rogers 1-- Caves In Cheju Island, Korea / Shi Hwan Hong -- Mineralogy of Bilemot-Kul Cave in Cheju Island, Korea / Naruhiko Kashima, Takanori Ogawa, Shi Hwan Hong, and Moowoong Choi -- Volcanic Caves in Bulgaria / B. Kolev and Y. Shopov -- The State of Speleological Investigation of Volcanic Voids in the USSR / V.N. Andraichuk -- The Fajanita Cave (La Palma, Canary Islands): A Volcanic Cavity Originated by Partial Draining of a Dike / J. Sergio Socorro and J. L. Martin -- Volcanic caves in El Hierro Island, Canary Islands, Spain / J.J. Hernandez, A.L. Medina, and 1. Izquierdo, Prilinukargigur / Arni B. Stefanson -- Contribution to the Vulcanospeleology of the Galapagos Islands / J.J. Hernandez, 1. Izquierdo, and P. Oromi. Theoretical, Biological, Conservation, and Management Topics: Lava Tubes in the Solar System / Ronald Greeley -- Nomenclature of Lava Tube Features / Charles V. Larson -- The Rift Caves in Japan / Takanori Ogawa -- Floor Modifications in Small Lava Tubes / Luurt Nieuwenhuis -- Formation Mechanism of Cave Systems Based on the Joining of Unit Caves / Takashi Ohsako -- Lava Tube Formation: A Cave Diver's Perspective / Dennis W. Williams -- Inventory, Evaluation, and Management of Publicly Owned Caves in the Western United States and the Impact of the Federal Cave Resources Protection Act /Jim Nieland -- Accurate Survey of a Hawaii Island Lava Tube for the Purpose of Conservation and Management / Darrel Tanaka and Fred Stone -- Diplura of Lava Tube Caves / Lynn M. Ferguson -- Behavioral Divergence in Populations of the Cave-Adapted Planthopper Species Oliarus Polyphemus on the Island of Hawaii / Hannelore Hoch --Anchialine Lava Tubes and Their Biota / Dennis W. Williams. Open Access - Permission by Publisher See Extended description for more information.


A-3 Rift Cave (Japan), Aden Crater Fumarole (Lincoln County, New Mexico, United States), Água de Pau (Azores, Portugal), Algar da Batalha (Azores, Portugal), Algar da Furna Abrigo (Azores, Portugal), Algar da Merda (Azores, Portugal), Algar das Bocas do Fogo (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Alto do Morais (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Cabeço da Negra (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Capitão (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Carvão (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Funil (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Lanchão (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Mistério (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Montoso (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Negro (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Pico das Dez (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Pico Gaspar (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Pico Queimado (Azores, Portugal), Algar do Tambor (Azores, Portugal), Algo do Pico da Maria Pires (Azores, Portugal), Algo do Pico dos Suspiros I (Azores, Portugal), Algo do Pico dos Suspiros II (Azores, Portugal), Angleworm-Lost Pinnacle Cave (United States), Ape Cave (Washington, United States), Arch Cave (Queensland, Australia), Ash Crawl Cave (Hawaii, United States), Atkinson's Cave (Queensland, Australia), B-5 Rift Cave (Japan), B-9 Rift Cave (Japan), Barker's Cave (McBride Province, Queensland, Australia), Batalha (Azores, Portugal), Bayliss Cave (Queensland, Australia), Beinahola (Iceland), Bergƥórshellir (Iceland), Big Cave (Skamania County, Washington, United States), Bilemot Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Bishop's Cave (Hawaii, United States), Boy Scout Cave (Idaho, United States), Branch Cave (Queensland, Australia), Brewers Cave (Cibola County, New Mexico, United States), Burial Tube Shelter (Hawaii, United States), Calabash Cave (Hawaii, United States), Caldwell Ice Cave (United States), Carvão (Azores, Portugal), Cat Cave (California, United States), Catacombs Lava Tube Cave (California, United States), Cave of La Curva (Canary Islands, Spain), Cave of Linke (Canary Islands, Spain), Cave of Mocan (Canary Islands, Spain), Cave of Tacoron (Canary Islands, Spain), Caves of San Andres (Canary Islands, Spain), Cedar Canyon Cave (Utah), Charcoal Cave System (Hawaii, United States), Cheese Cave (Klickitat County, Washington, United States), Classic Cave (Cibola County, New Mexico, United States), Craig Cave (United States), Cueva de Don Justo (Canary Islands, Spain), Cueva de Elena (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador), Cueva de Kastdalen (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador), Cueva de la Miconia (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador), Cueva del Cascajo (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador), Cueva Honda de la Fajanita (Canary Islands, Spain), Darcy Cave (Queensland, Australia), Dave I Cave (Queensland, Australia), Dave II Cave (Queensland, Australia), Dead Horse Cave (Skamania County, Washington, United States), Dingbat Cave (Queensland, Australia), Dockchon Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Dunmall Arch (Queensland, Australia), Dynamited Cave (Skamania County, Washington, United States), Earthquake Cave System (Hawaii, United States), Eigou No. 1 Rift Cave (Japan), Eigou No. 2 Rift Cave (Japan), Eigou No. 3 Rift Cave (Japan), Enforcado (Azores, Portugal), Eptesicus (Queensland, Australia), Escadinhas (Azores, Portugal), Esqueleto (Azores, Portugal), Ewamin Cave (Queensland, Australia), Expedition I (Queensland, Australia), Expedition II (Queensland, Australia), Eyvindarhola (Iceland), Feteiras (Azores, Portugal), Flat Ceiling (Queensland, Australia), Forna D'Água (Azores, Portugal), Forna de St. Maria (Azores, Portugal), Forna do Cabrito (Azores, Portugal), Fortune (Queensland, Australia), Frances Cave (Queensland, Australia), Franshellir (Iceland), Fun Cave (Queensland, Australia), Furna D'Água (Azores, Portugal), Furna da Laje (Azores, Portugal), Furna da Maria Encantada (Azores, Portugal), Furna da Miragaia (Azores, Portugal), Furna das Anelares (Azores, Portugal), Furna das Casas (Azores, Portugal), Furna das Pombas (Azores, Portugal), Furna do Carregador (Azores, Portugal), Furna do Enxofre (Azores, Portugal), Furna do Frei Matias (Azores, Portugal), Furna do Henrique Maciel (Azores, Portugal), Furna do Poio (Azores, Portugal), Furna do Pombal (Azores, Portugal), Furna do Tancaim (Azores, Portugal), Furna dos Anjos (Azores, Portugal), Furna dos Caldeirões (Azores, Portugal), Furna dos Montanheiros (Azores, Portugal), Furna Manuel José Lima (Azores, Portugal), Furna Nova I (Azores, Portugal), Furna Nova II (Azores, Portugal), Furna Ruim (Azores, Portugal), Galeria Queimada (Azores, Portugal), Glove Cave (California, United States), Golymata Peshtera (Bulgaria), Gonaiesl Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Graham Cave (Queensland, Australia), Greeley (Queensland, Australia), Gruta da Achada (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Barca (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Beira (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Canada da Giesta (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Canada das Furnas (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Capucha (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Granja (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Lomba do Gato (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Madre de Deus (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Quinta-Irene (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Rua do Carvão (Azores, Portugal), Gruta da Rua do Paim (Azores, Portugal), Gruta das Agulhas (Azores, Portugal), Gruta das Arribanas (Azores, Portugal), Gruta das Escadinhas (Azores, Portugal), Gruta das Feiticeiras (Azores, Portugal), Gruta das Mercés (Azores, Portugal), Gruta das Torres (Azores, Portugal), Gruta de Santo António (Azores, Portugal), Gruta del Palmito (Bustamante, Nuevo Leon, Mexico), Gruta do Bom Jesus (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Cabeço do Canto (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Caldeira (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Camelo (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Capitão-Mor (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Chocolate (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Coelho (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Galeão I (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Galeão II (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Leão (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Natal (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Parque do Capelo (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Pau Velho (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Romeiro (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Soldão (Azores, Portugal), Gruta do Zé Grande (Azores, Portugal), Gruta dos Arcos (Azores, Portugal), Gruta dos Balcóes (Azores, Portugal), Gruta dos Esqueletos (Azores, Portugal), Gumburdek (Bulgaria), Hallmundarhellir (Iceland), Hanson Cave (Queensland, Australia), Harbour Bridge (Queensland, Australia), Hayes Refuge Tube Shelter (Hawaii), Helens Hidden Hide-Away (Lincoln County, Idaho, United States), Hilina Pali Lava Tube (Hawaii, United States), Hopeless Cave (Washington, United States), Hot Hole Cave (Queensland, Australia), Hvassi (Iceland), Hwankeum Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Hyopjae Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Ice Fissure Crater Cave (Japan), Ice Rink Cave (Skamania County, Washington, United States), Immemerru Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Inner Dome Cave (Queensland, Australia), Jorong Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Jug Cave (Klickitat County, Washington, United States), Junction Cave (Cibola County, New Mexico, United States), Kaenaegi Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Kaleto I (Bulgaria), Kalmanshellir (Iceland), Komitake Rift Caves No. 1 (Japan), Komitake Rift Caves No. 2 (Japan), Komitake Rift Caves No. 3 (Japan), Komori Cave (Queensland, Australia), Labyrinth Lava Tube Cave (California, United States), Large Chokit Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Lava Brook Cave (California, United States), Ledge Cave (Hawaii, United States), Little People's Cave (Washington, United States), Lost World Cave (Queensland, Australia), Lower Falls Creek Cave (Skamania County, Washington, United States), Lower Secret Cave (Queensland, Australia), Malama Cave (Hawaii, United States), Malkata Peshtera (Bulgaria), Mammoth Crater (United States), Matthew Cave (Queensland, Australia), Merril Ice Cave (Siskiyou County, California, United States), Metate Cave (Lincoln County, New Mexico, United States), Midden Cave (Lincoln County, New Mexico, United States), Mikoshi Cave (Queensland, Australia), Misplaced Arch (Queensland, Australia), Moth Cave (Queensland, Australia), Nasty Cave (Queensland, Australia), Navajo Ice Cave, New Cave (Skamania County, Washington, United States), Ollier Cave (Queensland, Australia), Opera House Cave (Queensland, Australia), Peter Cave (Queensland, Australia), Peterson Cave (Queensland, Australia), Picnic I Cave (Queensland, Australia), Picnic II Cave (Queensland, Australia), Pico da Cruz (Azores, Portugal), Pico Queimado (Azores, Portugal), Pinwill's Cave (Queensland, Australia), Pit of Guinea (Canary Islands, Spain), Pit of Las Palomas (Canary Islands, Spain), Pit of Pico La Mata (Canary Islands, Spain), Pocknamoo Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Pocknamoo Mit Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Prilepnata Peshtera (Bulgaria), QQ Cave (California, United States), Raleigh I Cave (Queensland, Australia), Raleigh II Cave (Queensland, Australia), Riberirinha (Azores, Portugal), Rjupnahellir (Iceland), Road Cave (Queensland, Australia), Roja Cave (Canary Islands, Spain), SaKul Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), San Cave (Queensland, Australia), Sand Cave (Washington, United States), Sandi Cave (Iceland), Sanhyong Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Sarah Cave (Queensland, Australia), Short Little Arch (Queensland, Australia), Sima de la Piramide (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador), Sima del Pozo de los Gemelos (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador), Simas de Cerro Grande (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador), Simas de las Torres (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador), Skull Cave (Idaho, United States), Songdang Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Speaking Tube (Queensland, Australia), SPJ Cave (California, United States), St. Pauls Cave (Queensland, Australia), Stefanshellir Cave (Iceland), Stephenson Cave (Queensland, Australia), Stevens Cave (Queensland, Australia), SU-03 (Iceland), Sunset Cave (Queensland, Australia), Surtshellir Cave (Iceland), Taylor Cave (Queensland, Australia), Temple of Doom (Queensland, Australia), Thanks Cave (Klickitat County, Washington, United States), The Bowers (Idaho, United States), The Crater Pit (Canary Islands, Spain), Thunderbolt Cave (Idaho, United States), Tom Tom Cave (Queensland, Australia), Topal Kadirovata Doupka (Bulgaria), Traves' Cave (Queensland, Australia), Tween Cave (Queensland, Australia), Upper Secret Cave (Queensland, Australia), Valentine Cave (California, United States), Viðgelmir (Iceland), Waiahukini Lava Tube (Hawaii, United States), Wallabys Hideaway (Queensland, Australia), West Castle Cave (United States), Wind Tunnel (Queensland, Australia), Windy Creek Cave (Skagit County, Washington, United States), Wishing Well Cave (Queensland, Australia), Woodsey Owl Cave (California, United States), Yooktigie Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), þríhnúkagígur (Iceland)


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