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International Congress of Speleology; First International Cave Management Symposium proceedings, Eighth International Congress of Speleology



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January 1983


Eighth International Congress of Speleology College of Enviromental Sciences, Murray State University, July 15-18, 1981Introduction -- Opening Address: History of Cave Management Symposia in the United States of America -- An Overview / Robert R. Stitt, President, NSS -- Papers Presented at the First International Cave Management Symposium, July 15-17, 1981, Murray State University, KY, USA -- Cave Management for the Endangered Indiana Bat (Myotis sodalis) and Gray Bat (Myotis grisescens) / John T. Bray -- The Guacharo Cave / Dr. Eugenio de Bellard-Pietri -- Karst Cave Management Modelling in the Transvaal / Frances M. Gamble -- Problems of Management of Transvaal Caves / Frances M. Gamble -- The Resource Potential of Transvaal Caves / Frances M. Gamble -- A Cooperative Program for the Conservation and Management of Cave Resources on Most Missouri Public Lands / James E. Gardner and Treva L. Gardner -- The Conservation of Cave Invertebrates / Francis G. Howarth -- Cave Management: The Bureau of Land Management Approach / J. B. "Buzz" Hummel -- Expedition - Cango 78 / reported by M. Schultz -- Interpretation as a Primary Tool in Cave Conservation and Management /Edward E. Wood, Jr. -- Papers Presented at the Eighth International Congress Conservation/Management Session, July 19, 1981, Rowling Green, KY, USA -- Die Eingriffe in die Hohle Von Postjons im Lichte des Umweltschutzes / Dr. Frances Habe -- Cave Closing as a Conservation Method / Gyula Hegedus -- Fraser Cave: Tasmania's Archeological Library of Congress / Gregory J. Middleton -- Management of a Biological Resource: Waitomo Glowworm Cave, New Zealand . / Chris Pugsley -- Cave Conservation in the United States of America: An Overview in 1981 / Robert R. Stitt -- Photomonitoring as a Management Tool / Peter J. Uhl -- The Evolution of the Virginia Cave Commission / John M. Wilson, Robert W. Custard, Evelyn W. Bradshaw and Phillip C. Lucas -- Program with Abstracts of the First International Cave Management Symposium -- Cave Invertebrates Specialist Group Inaugural Meeting, Agenda . Open Access - Permission by Publisher Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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