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January 1988


Contents: Schedule -- Participants List -- Abstracts in English and Japanese: Welded Tuff Caves in Kyushu Area, Japan / Takanori Ogawa and Naruhiko Kashima -- The Origin of Volcanic Chasms in Canary Islands, and the Volcanic Chasms of "Montana Rajada," Tenerife Island / Alfredo Lainez Concepcion -- 1986-88 Observations of Flowing Lava in Caves of the Puu Oo Flows, Hawaii / William R. Halliday -- New Zealand Lava Caves: The Distribution and Formation / Les Kermode -- The Study of Cheju's Volcanic Caves / Shi Hwan Hong -- The Sand Chemical Composition of Kumryong Sa Gul Cave in Cheju Volcanic Island / Isao Sawa -- Mineralogy of Volcanic Caves / Naruhiko Kasima, Kazuhisa Yoshimura, Takanori Ogawa. Open Access - Permission by Publisher See Extended description for more information.


A-3 Rift Cave (Japan), B-5 Rift Cave (Japan), Banba Ana (Japan), Bilemot Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Hachijou Fuketsu (Japan), Hwang Kum Kul (South Korea), Hyopjae Cave (Cheju Island, South Korea), Jing Po Lava Cave No. 1 (China), Karumizu Fuketsu (Japan), Kumryeong Sa Kul (South Korea), Man Jang Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Mitsuike Ana (Japan), Motosu Fuketsu No. 1 (Japan), Motosu Fuketsu No. 2 (Japan), Nishiyuura Ana (Japan), Sochon Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Ssang Ryong Kul (South Korea), Susan Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Wahul Kul (Cheju Island, South Korea), Zinza Fuketsu No. 1 (Japan)


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