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USGS Karst Interest Group; USGS Scientific Investigations Report: 2014-5035



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U.S. Geological Survey

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January 2014


Edited by Kuniansky, Eve L.; Spangler, Lawrence E. INTRODUCTION AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS AGENDA U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY KARST INTEREST GROUP WORKSHOPSpeleotrek: The Cutting Edges of Karst into the 21st Century. PROGRAMS AND KARST AQUIFERSA Preview of "Karst in the United States of America: A Digital Map Compilation and Database" -- Groundwater Availability of the Floridan Aquifer System -- Assessing Potential Impacts from a Proposed Phosphate Mine on Ashley Spring, a Unique Karst Public Water Supply in the Uinta Mountains, Uintah County, Utah. TRACERSGroundwater Tracing in Arid Karst Aquifers: Concepts and Considerations -- Challenges to a Karst Dye-Tracing Investigation in an Urban Brownfields Area, Springfield, Missouri SPELEOGENESIS, GEOLOGIC FRAMEWORK, GEOPHYSICS, AND GEOLOGIC HAZARDSThe Role of Spongework in the Speleogenesis of Hypogenic Caves in the Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico -- Geologic Framework, Structure, and Hydrogeologic Characteristics of the Knippa Gap Area in Eastern Uvalde and Western Medina Counties, Texas -- A Hypothesis for Carbonate Island Karst Aquifer Evolution from Analysis of Field Observations in Northern Guam, Mariana Islands -- Using Borehole and Surface Geophysics to Develop a Conceptual Model of Hydrostratigraphic Layers, Pecos County Region, Texas, 2012 -- Perils of a Dissolving State-Florida. MODELING KARST AQUIFERSTaking the Mystery Out of Mathematical Model Applications to Karst Aquifers-A Primer -- Refined Hydrostratigraphic Framework and Model of the Edwards Aquifer, Texas -- Simulation of Groundwater Flow in the Edwards-Trinity and Related Aquifers in the Pecos County Region, Texas -- Automatic Methods of Groundwater Flow Model Construction of the Ozark Plateaus Aquifer System. CHEMICAL FATE AND TRANSPORTTransport of Salt, Trace Metals, and Organic Chemicals from Parking Lot and Road Surfaces into Mammoth Cave -- CAFOs on Karst-Meaningful Data Collection to Adequately -- Define Environmental Risk, with a Specific Application from the Southern Ozarks of Northern Arkansas -- An Initial Investigation of Hydrogeology and Water Quality of Big Creek in the Buffalo River Watershed near a Major Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation -- A Method to Investigate Karst Groundwater Flow in Nash Draw, Eddy County, New Mexico, to Delineate Potential Impacts of Potash Industry Discharge and Runoff -- Use of A Dual Continuum Model to Describe Solute Transport in Karst. GEOCHEMISTRYGeochemical Evidence for Denitrification in the Epikarst at the Savoy Experimental Watershed, Northwest Arkansas -- Geochemistry of Paleokarst Aquifers of the Knox Group in Tennessee and Kentucky -- Integration of Geochemical and Isotopic Data to Assess Sources of Discharge at a Major Spring in the Edwards Aquifer, South-Central Texas. MICROBIAL ECOLOGY AND KARST ECOSYSTEMSLinking Climate Change and Karst Hydrology to Evaluate Species Vulnerability: The Edwards and Madison Aquifers -- Response of Cave-Stream Bacteria to Sub-Lethal Concentrations of Antibiotics -- Role of Surface Water Dissolved Organic Carbon in the Survival, Growth, and Transport of Escherichia coli in a Deep Limestone Aquifer in South Florida -- Cave Bacteria and Crystal Formation in the Laboratory -- Non-Target Bacterial Response to White-Nose Syndrome Treatment: Quaternary Ammonia Compounds and Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonate. THURSDAY, MAY 1, 2014, FIELD TRIP GUIDEEvaporite Karst of the Lower Pecos Valley, New Mexico. Open Access See Extended description for more information.


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