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USGS Karst Interest Group; Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2011-5031



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January 2011


Contents: Introduction and Acknowledgments -- Agenda U.S. Geological Survey Karst Interest Group and University of Arkansas Hydro Days Workshops. SpeleogenesisPaleokarst of the USA: A Brief Review / Arthur N. Palmer and Margaret V. Palmer. Karst in coastal Zones: Influence of Tides and Salinity on the Discharge at the Coastal Spring Creek Springs Group and the Connection to Discharge at the Inland Wakulla Springs, Wakulla County, Florida / J. Hal Davis and Richard J. Verdi -- Revised Hydrogeologic Framework for the Floridan Aquifer System in the Northern Coastal Areas of Georgia and Parts of South Carolina / Harold E. Gill and Lester J. Williams -- Horizontal Bedding-Plane Conduit Systems in the Floridan Aquifer System and Their Relation to Saltwater Intrusion in Northeastern Florida and Southeastern Georgia / Lester J. Williams and Rick M. Spechler. Geochemistry and Contaminant Transport in Karst Systems: Water-Quality Changes and Dual Response in a Karst Aquifer to the May 2010 Flood in Middle, Tennessee / Michael W. Bradley and Thomas D. Byl -- Interaction between Shallow and Deep Groundwater Components at Fay Spring in the Northern Shenandoah Valley Karst / Daniel H. Doctor, Nathan C. Farrar, and Janet S. Herman -- Aqueous Geochemical Evidence of Volcanogenic Karstification: Sistema Zacatón, Mexico / Marcus O. Gary, Daniel H. Doctor, and John M. Sharp, Jr. -- The Influence of Land Use and Occurrence of Sinkholes on Nitrogen Transport in the Ozark Plateaus in Arkansas and Missouri / Timothy M. Kresse, Phillip D. Hays, Mark R. Hudson, James E. Kaufman -- Seasonal Carbon Dynamics in a Northwestern Arkansas Cave: Linking Climate and Cave Conditions / Erik D. Pollock, Katherine J. Knierim, and Phillip D. Hays -- Characterization of Urban Impact on Water Quality of Karst Springs in Eureka Springs, Arkansas / Renee Vardy -- The Relation Between Dissolved Oxygen and other Physicochemical Properties in Barton Springs, Central Texas / Barbara J. Mahler and Renan Bourgeais -- Geochemistry, Water Sources, and Pathways in the Zone of Contribution of a Public-Supply Well in San Antonio, Texas / Lynne Fahlquist, MaryLynn Musgrove, Gregory P. Stanton, and Natalie A. Houston -- Temporal Stability of Cave Sediments / Eric W. Peterson, and Kevin Hughes -- Evaluating the Stormwater Filters at Mammoth Cave, Kentucky / Ashley West, Rickard Toomey, Michael W. Bradley and Thomas D. Byl -- Using Labeled Isotopes to Trace Groundwater Flow Paths in a Northwestern Arkansas Cave / Katherine J. Knierim, Erik D. Pollock, and Phillip D. Hays -- Interpreting a Spring Chemograph to Characterize Groundwater Recharge in an Urban, Karst Terrain / Victor Roland, Carlton Cobb, Lonnie Sharpe, Patrice Armstrong, Dafeng Hui, and Thomas D. Byl -- Investigation of Nitrate Processing in the Interflow Zone of Mantled Karst, Northwestern Arkansas / Jozef Laincz. Karst Mapping, Dye Tracing, and Geographic Information Systems: Using a Combination of Geographic Information System Techniques and Field Methods to Analyze Karst Terrain in Selected Red River Sub-Watersheds, Tennessee and Kentucky by David E. Ladd -- Parallelism in Karst Development Suggested by Quantitative Dye Tracing Results from Springfield, Missouri / Douglas R. Gouzie and Katherine Tomlin -- Geologic Controls on Karst Landscapes in the Buffalo National River Area of Northern Arkansas: Insights Gained from Comparison of Geologic Mapping, Topography, Dye Tracers and Karst Inventories / Mark R. Hudson, Kenzie J. Turner, Chuck Bitting, James E. Kaufmann, Timothy M. Kresse and David N. Mott -- Determining the Relation between Water Loss from Beaver Creek and Kamas Fish Hatchery Springs, Samak, Utah / Lawrence E. Spangler -- Using Geographic Information System to Identify Cave Levels and Discern the Speleogenesis of the Carter Caves Karst Area, Kentucky / Eric Peterson, Toby Dogwiler, and Lara Harlan -- Surface Denudation of the Gypsum Plain, West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico / Melinda G. Shaw, Kevin W. Stafford, and B.P. Tate. Karst Program Updates: National Cave and Karst Research Institute: Growing Capabilities and Federal Partnerships / George Veni -- The National Karst Map: an Update on its Progress by David J. Weary, and Daniel H. Doctor. Ozarks Plateau Karst: Karst Hydrogeology of the Southern Ozarks / Van Brahana -- Overview of The Nature Conservancy Ozark Karst Program / Michael E. Slay, Ethan Inlander, and Cory Gallipeau -- Microbial Effects on Ozark Karst-Water Chemistry-Medicinal Implications / John E. Svendsen. Karst Aquifer Systems: An Integrated Approach to Recharge Area Delineation of Four Caves in Northern Arkansas and Northeastern Oklahoma by Jonathan A. Gillip, Rheannon M. Hart, and Joel M. Galloway -- Groundwater Piracy in Semi-Arid Karst Terrains / Ronald T. Green, F. Paul Bertetti, and Mariano Hernandez -- Ten Relevant Karst Hydrogeologic Insights Gained from 15 Years of In Situ Field Studies at the Savoy Experimental Watershed / Van Brahana -- Traps Designed to Document the Occurrence of Groundwater Stygofauna at the Savoy Experimental Watershed, Washington County, Arkansas / Justin R. Mitchell -- Assessment of Sinkhole Formation in a Well Field in the Dougherty Plain, near Albany, Georgia / Debbie Warner Gordon -- Detecting Karst Conduits through their Effects on Nearby Monitoring Wells / Fred Paillet, and Terryl Daniels -- Spring Hydrology of Colorado Bend State Park, Central Texas / Kevin W. Stafford, Melinda G. Shaw, and Jessica L. DeLeon -- Analysis of Long-Term Trends in Flow from a Large Spring Complex in Northern Florida / Jack W. Grubbs. Karst Modeling: Modifications to the Conduit Flow Process Mode2 for MODFLOW-2005 / Thomas Reimann, Steffen Birk, and Christoph Rehrl -- Comparison of Three Model Approaches for Spring Simulation, Woodville Karst Plain, Florida / Eve L. Kuniansky, Josue J. Gallegos, and J. Hal Davis -- Synthesis of Multiple Scale Modeling in the Faulted and Folded Karst of the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia and West Virginia / Kurt J. McCoy, Mark D. Kozar, Richard M. Yager, George E. Harlow, and David L. Nelms -- A Hydrograph Recession Technique for Karst Springs with Quickflow Components That Do Not Exhibit Simple, Zero-Order Decay / Darrell W. Pennington and J. Van Brahana -- Numerical Evaluations of Alternative Spring Discharge Conditions for Barton Springs, Texas, USA / William R. Hutchison and Melissa E. Hill. Field Trip Guide: Geology and Karst Landscapes of the Buffalo National River Area, Northern Arkansas / Mark R. Hudson, Kenzie J. Turner, and Chuck Bitting. Open Access See Extended description for more information.


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