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USGS Karst Interest Group; USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2008-5023



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January 2008


Contents: Introduction and Acknowledgments -- Agenda. National Programs: Overview of National Park Service policies for cave and karst management / Dale Pate -- National Cave and Karst Research Institute: Partner for the USGS / Penelope J. Boston and George Veni -- National Cave and Karst Research Institute's Karst Information Portal / E. Spencer Fleury -- Mammoth Cave International Center for Science and Learning / Rickard S. Toomey, III, Shannon Trimboli, Blaine Ferrell, Bob Ward, and Mike Adams -- Updating the USGS Karst Interest Group website / converting it into a dynamic web application / Bradley D. Garner and Barbara J. Mahler. Karst Mapping: Karst regions of the world (KROW): Global karst datasets and maps to advance the protection of karst species and habitats worldwide / Emily Hollingsworth, Van Brahana, Ethan Inlander, and Michael Slay -- Characterizing regional karst types under the framework of the new National Karst Map / David J. Weary, Daniel H. Doctor, Jack B. Epstein, and Randall C. Orndorff -- A karst aquifer map for the United States--Is it possible? / Daniel H. Doctor, David J. Weary, Jack B. Epstein, and Randall C. Orndorff. Karst Aquifer Systems: Tectonic control of hypogene speleogenesis in the southern Ozarks--Implications for NAWQA and beyond / Rodney Tennyson, Jim Terry, Van Brahana, Phil Hays, and Erik Pollock -- Hydrologic characterization of a karst spring in north-central Arkansas / Rheannon M. Scheiderer and Joel M. Galloway -- Analysis of methods for estimating continuous flows from Upper Floridan Aquifer springs / Nicasio Sepúlveda -- Estimating recharge to heterogeneous fractured-rock and karst aquifer systems in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and West Virginia / George E. Harlow, Jr., David L. Nelms, Richard M. Yager, Mark D. Kozar, Ward E. Sanford, and Roger M. Moberg -- Impact of 1998-2002 drought on the karst aquifers of Clarke County in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia / David L. Nelms and Roger M. Moberg -- Ground-water/surface-water relations and water quality within the Mammoth Spring watershed, Dixie National Forest, Garfield and Iron Counties, Utah / Lawrence E. Spangler. Natural Resources and Karst Ecosystems: The effects of land-use change on an Ozark cave system : A paired study of Civil War and Copperhead Caves / Jonathan A. Gillip, Phillip D. Hays, and Joel M. Galloway -- Karst water resources in southwest China: Case study from the east plateau, Mengzi and Kaiyuan Counties, Yunnan, China / Chris Groves, Jiang Yongjun, Pat Kambesis, Yuan Daoxian, and Amelia Chung -- Thermal infrared mapping of coastal-aquifer seeps and associations between seeps and coastal habitats / E.A. Raabe and E. Bialkowska-Jelinska -- Effects of Lock and Dam Number Six on aquatic ecosystems in Mammoth Cave National Park / Rick Olson. Geochemistry / Contaminant Transport: Storm period fine sediment transport in Logsdon River, Turnhole Spring Basin, Mammoth Cave, Kentucky / Stephen T. Kenworthy -- Water quality in selected carbonate aquifers of the United States, 1993-2005 / Bruce D. Lindsey, Marian P. Berndt, Brian G. Katz, Ann F. Ardis, and Kenneth A. Skach -- Effect of focused recharge on the geochemistry of Barton Springs, Edwards Aquifer, central Texas during base-flow conditions / Barbara J. Mahler and MaryLynn Musgrove -- An overview of the geochemistry of Edwards aquifer ground water in south-central Texas / MaryLynn Musgrove, Lynne S. Fahlquist, and Natalie A. Houston -- The role of free-living and attached bacteria in processing contamination in karst aquifers / Tom Byl, Kelly Ray, Chad Walden, Valetta Watson, and Roger Painter -- Characterization of bacteria and geochemistry of springs in Nashville, Tennessee / Patrice Armstrong, Carlton Cobb, Brandon Cobb, Jennifer Stewart-Wright, and Tom Byl -- Conduit-matrix interaction and the rate limiting step of contaminant transport in karst / K. J. McCoy, A. M. Shapiro, and M. D. Kozar -- Assessing age distribution and contaminant movement in ground water in the contributing recharge area to a public supply well in the karstic Upper Floridan Aquifer / Brian G. Katz, Christy A. Crandall, W. Scott McBride, Patty A. Metz, Marion P. Berndt, and Sandra M. Eberts -- Ammonia oxidation / bacteria collected from a karst-bedrock well / Kelly Ray, Roger Painter, and Tom Byl -- Wetland removal of nutrients and pollution from a mixed sewer and karst spring system in Nashville, Tennessee / Carlton Cobb, Jameka Johnson, Brandon Cobb, Patrice Armstrong, Lonnie Sharpe, and Tom Byl -- Are karst bedrock aquifers at greater risk from alternative alcohol-fuel mixes compared to regular gasoline? / Baibai Kamara, Loreal Spear, Carlton Cobb, Keyshon Bachus, Roger Painter, Lonnie Sharpe, and Tom Byl -- Residence time distribution derived from independent gamma distributions of tracer travel distance and linear velocity / Roger Painter, Tom Byl, and Valetta Watson -- Episodic elevated coliform in vadose-zone water within Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky / Rickard S. Toomey, III, Rick Olson, and Bob Ward. Numerical Modeling: Modeling ground-water flow and solute transport in karst with Lattice Boltzmann Methods / Michael C. Sukop, Shadab Anwar, Jeff S. Lee, Kevin J. Cunningham, and Christian D. Langevin -- Simulation of turbulent ground-water flow with MODFLOW-2005--Overview / Eve L. Kuniansky, Keith J. Halford, and W. Barclay Shoemaker -- Effects of turbulence on hydraulic heads and parameter sensitivities in preferential ground-water flow layers / W. Barclay Shoemaker and Eve L. Kuniansky -- Simulation of ground-water flow in a fractured-rock karst aquifer, Shenandoah Valley, Leetown, West Virginia / Mark D. Kozar and Kurt J. McCoy -- Simulations of ground-water flow and particle pathline analysis in the contributing recharge area of a public-supply well in Temple Terrace, Tampa Bay region, Florida / Christy A. Crandall, Leon J. Kauffman, and Brian G. Katz -- Performance evaluation of the MODFLOW-2005 conduit flow process applied to a karst aquifer underlying west-central Florida / Melissa E. Hill, Angel Martin, and Marc T. Stewart -- Miscellaneous Topics in Modeling and Geophysics: The value of single-well tracer studies for characterizing karst sites / Tarra M. Beach, Michael W. Bradley, Roger Painter, and Thomas D. Byl -- GIS and spatial statistical methods for determining sinkhole potential in Frederick Valley, Maryland / Katarina Z. Doctor -- Geophysical analysis of the Salmon Peak Formation near Amistad Reservoir Dam, Val Verde County, Texas, and Coahuila, Mexico, March 2006, to aid in piezometer placement / Gregory P. Stanton, Wade H. Kress, Andrew P. Teeple, Michael L. Greenslate, and Allan K. Clark -- Construction and use of a fractured-rock simulator to test horizontal borehole flow-measuring technologies / E. Randall Bayless -- Collection of bathymetric data along two reaches of the Lost River within Bluespring Cavern near Bedford, Lawrence County, Indiana, July 2007 / David C. Lampe and Scott E. Morlock -- A multi-tool geophysical and hydrogeological investigation of a karst aquifer system, Cibolo Canyon development area, Bexar County, Texas / Sachin D. Shah, Bruce D. Smith, Allan K. Clark, and Wade H. Kress. Field Trip Guides: Mammoth Cave National Park Tour, Tuesday evening May 27, 2008, led / Rickard S. Toomey, III, and Rick Olson -- Karst underground drainage in and around Mammoth Cave National Park / Cave Research Foundation and Mammoth Cave National Park -- Geology of the Mammoth Cave area / Arthur N. Palmer -- Guide to the historic route of Mammoth Cave / Arthur N. Palmer -- Biospeleology of Mammoth Cave: A briefing paper / Rick Olson -- Field trip road log: Karst features of the Mammoth Cave Kentucky Area, Thursday, May 29, 2008, led / Chris Groves and Rick Toomey. Open Access Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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