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USGS Karst Interest Group; USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 01-4011



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U.S. Geological Survey

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January 2001


Contents: Preface -- Introduction and Acknowledgements. Karst EcosystemsKarst Landscapes and the Importance of Three Dimensional Data in Protection of Cave and Karst Resources Rick Olson -- The Ecological Role of the Karst Wetlands of Southern Florida in Relation to System Restoration / William F. Loftus, Maria Cristina Bruno, Kevin J. Cunningham, Sue Perry, and Joel C. Trexler. Geologic Framework of Karst Systems: Geologic Framework of Karst Features in Western Buffalo National River, Northern Arkansas / Mark R. Hudson, David N. Mott, and Charles J. Bitting -- Geologic Framework of the Ozarks of South-Central Missouri-Contributions to a Conceptual Model of Karst / Randall C. Orndorff, David J. Weary, and Stanka Sebela -- The Relation Between Structure and Saltwater Intrusion in the Floridan Aquifer System, Northeastern Florida / Rick M. Spechler -- Hydrology, Hazards, and Geomorphic Development of Gypsum Karst in the Northern Black Hills, South Dakota and Wyoming / Jack B. Epstein Aquifer Hydraulics in Karst Systems: Exchange of Matrix and Conduit Water with Examples from the Floridan Aquifer / Jonathan B. Martin and Elizabeth J. Screaton -- Hydrogeologic Characterization of a "Transitional" Karst Aquifer, South-Central Louisville, Kentucky / Charles J. Taylor. Programs Within The U.S. Department of Interior that Involve Karst: Proposed National Atlas Karst Map / Randall C. Orndorff, Jack B. Epstein and David J. Weary -- Using Science to Change Management Perspectives at Carlsbad Caverns National Park / Paul A. Burger and Dale L. Pate -- National Cave and Karst Research Institute--History, Status, and Future / Zelda Champ Bailey. Numerical Modeling in Karst: Steps Toward Better Models of Transport in Karstic Aquifers / David Loper -- Comparisons Among Ground-Water Flow Models and Analysis of Discrepancies in Simulated Transmissivities of the Upper Floridan Aquifer in Ground-Water Flow Model Overlap Areas / Nicasio Sepulveda -- Hydrogeology and Ground-Water Flow Simulation of a Karst Ground-Water Basin in the Valley and Ridge Physiographic Province near Hixson, Tennessee / Connor J. Haugh -- Travel Times Along Selected Flow Paths of the Edwards Aquifer, Central Texas / Eve L. Kuniansky, Lynne Fahlquist and Ann F. Ardis. Cave and Spring Species and Habitats: Freshwater Macrofauna of Florida Karst Habitats / Stephen J. Walsh -- Preliminary data on microcrustacean communities from ground waters in the southern Everglades / Maria Cristina Bruno, William F. Loftus and Sue A. Perry. Geochemistry of Karst Systems: Geochemistry of the Upper Knox Aquifer in Tennessee / Michael W. Bradley -- Inorganic Carbon Flux and Aquifer Evolution in the South Central Kentucky Karst / Chris Groves and Joe Meiman -- Direct Linkages Between Onshore Karst Aquifers and Offshore Marine Environments: Crescent Beach Spring, Florida / Christopher D. Reich, Peter W. Swarzenski, Jack L. Kindinger, James G. Flocks, T. Don Hickey and Rick M. Spechler. Geophysical Methods in Karst: Surface Geophysical Investigation of a Chemical Waste Landfill in Northwestern Arkansas / Gregory P. Stanton and Tony P. Schrader -- Borehole Geophysical Applications in Karst Hydrogeology / Frederick L. Paillet -- Subsurface Characterization of Selected Water Bodies in the St. Johns River Water Management District, Northeast Florida / Jack L. Kindinger, Jeffrey B. Davis, and James G. Flocks -- Geophysical characterization of pre-Holocene limestone bedrock underlying the Biscayne National Park Reef Tract, Florida / Philip A. Kramer, Flavio Anselmetti, and Richard Curry -- Characterization of the Karstic Biscayne Aquifer in Southeastern Florida Using Ground-Penetrating Radar, Digital Optical Borehole Images and Cores / Kevin J. Cunningham and Alexander Aviantara -- Geophysical Investigations of Upward Migrating Saline Water from the Lower to Upper Floridan Aquifer, Central Indian River Region, Florida / James G. Flocks, Jack L. Kindinger, Jeffrey B. Davis and Peter Swarzenski. Contaminant Transport in Karst: Seasonal and Short-Term Variability in Chlorinated Solvent Concentrations in Two Karst Springs in Middle Tennessee: Implications for Sampling Design / James J. Farmer and Shannon D. Williams -- Use of Oligonucleotide Hybridization Probes and Polymerase Chain Reaction to Determine the Source of Fecal Contamination in Karst Terranes / Tom D. Byl and James J. Farmer -- Geochemical and Microbial Evidence of Fuel Biodegradation in a Contaminated Karst Aquifer in Southern Kentucky, June 1999 / Tom D. Byl, Gregg E. Hileman, Shannon D. Williams, and James J. Farmer -- Preliminary Conceptual Models Of Chlorinated-Solvent Accumulation in Karst Aquifers / William J. Wolfe and Connor J. Haugh -- Emergency Response Sampling of Air from Caves Following a Diesel Fuel Release, Chickamauga-Chattanooga National Military Park, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee / Connor J. Haugh and Michael W. Bradley. Tracers in Karst: Quantitative Approaches in Characterizing Karst Aquifers / Charles J. Taylor and Earl A. Greene -- A Multracer Approach for Assessing the Susceptibility of Ground-Water Contamination in the Woodville Karst Plain, Northern Florida / Brian G. Katz -- The Use of Artificial Tracers to Determine Ground-Water Flow and the Fate of Nutrients in the Karst System Underlying the Florida Keys / Kevin S. Dillon, D. Reide Corbett, William C. Burnett, and Jeffrey P. Chanton -- In-Cave Dye Tracing and Drainage Basin Divides in the Mammoth Cave Karst Aquifer, Kentucky / Joe Meiman, Chris Groves, and Shannon Herstein -- Delineation of Recharge Areas for Karst Springs in Logan Canyon, Bear River Range, Northern Utah / Lawrence E. Spangler -- Submarine Ground-Water Discharge in Upper Indian River Lagoon, Florida / Peter W. Swarzenski, Jonathan B. Martin and Jaye C. Cable. Field Trip Guide: Karst Features and Hydrogeology in West-central Florida-A Field Perspective / Ann B. Tihansky and Lari A. Knochenmus. Open Access Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.




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