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January 1980


RESOURCE CONSIDERATIONS OF CAVESWelcoming remarks / Richard Pfilf -- History of cave management symposia / Rob Stitt -- Cave areas of the far west / Mike Sims -- Cave geology-a short sketch / David Des Marais -- The geology of lava tube caves / Russell Harter and J.W. Harter, III -- Biological resources of caves with an emphasis on biota of the pacific northwest / Ellen M. Benedict -- Cultural resources, caves and cavers / James Rock -- Special management considerations of lava caves / James Nieland, Libby Nieland and Ellen Benedict -- Special considerations in the management of limestone caves / Milford Fletcher. PROTECTING THE RESOURCE; VOLUNTEER PROJECTSWhy manage caves? / Phil Whitfield -- Cave laws of the U.S. / James Flack -- Development and liability aspects of a show cave / Tim Anderson -- Caver safety--what kind of cave gear? / David McClurg -- Klamath Mtns. conservation task force-an attempt at preventive conservation by a volunteer group in cooperation with cave-managing, public agencies / Steve Knutson -- New melones CTF: (R)evolution in dealing with government agencies / Ralph Squire -- Use of volunteers at Diamond Craters / Ester Gruber, George Brown and Chad Bacon -- The Cave Research Foundation and the National Park Service / Bruce Rogers. INVENTORY AND MANAGEMENT PLANS IN CURRENT USEEvaluation of surface and cave resources / James Nieland -- Caves and surface land management / Tom Gallagher -- Bureau of Land Management of the Mt. St. Helens lava cave area, Gifford Pinchot National Forest / James Nieland -- Canadian cave management plans / Phil Whitfield -- Some aspects of a cave management program for Mount Waddington regional district, B.C. Canada / Karen Bischoff -- Karst resources, their management and development in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks / John Palmer. PANEL PAPERSPermits and agreements / Brian Power -- The management of Windeler Cave / Bob Ehr -- Protecting Diamond Craters / Ellen Benedict -- Volunteers at Oregon Caves / Ted Davis -- Use of volunteers by park agencies in British Columbia / Phil Whitfield -- Lake Shasta Caverns project / Lynne Sims -- Ape Cave volunteer program / Ellen Benedict. CLOSINGCave management progressing / Rochelle Devereaux -- List of participants. Open Access Northup Database Collection See Extended description for more information.


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