Capromeryx (Artiodactyla: Antilocapridae) from the Rancholabrean Tramperos Creek Fauna, Union County, New Mexico, with a Review of the Occurrence and Paleobiology of Capromeryx in the Rancholabrean of New Mexico.


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New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science, Bulletin

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Tramperos Creek is an open site in Union County, northeastern New Mexico, which has produced aRancholabrean vertebrate fauna characterized by the presence of Bison and Mammuthus . A partial skull with bothright and left horn cores of Capromeryx furcifer is described from this site in which the anterior prong of the horncore is reduced to little more than a nubbin of bone about 3 mm in height. This represents the most extremereduction in the anterior prong of the horn core of Capromeryx yet known. We suggest that the anterior prong maynot have been expressed at all in the keratinous horn sheath, or that, alternatively, a fairly substantial keratinousexpression of the anterior sheath may have been present despite the absence of a concomitantly developed horncore. We further speculate that the reduction in the anterior prong may have been associated with a progressiveinvasion of less-open vegetation and the adoption of a more solitary life style, paralleling similar differences in theelaboration of cranial appendages in living bovids and cervids.

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