Estudio espeleológico de Aitzbitarte.


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MUNIBE (Ciencias Naturales - Natur Zientziak)

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The Aitzbitarte karst is a limestone outcrop of small extent, in which are located different cavities, several of which contain in both archaeological and/or paleontological beds.These cavities are among the first studied in The Basque Country and still today archaeological excavations are carried out. In spite of this a whole study of the massif at a spelaological level remained pending. The Aitzbitarte karst study was conceibed at the begining as a cartographic study,wich would, at a later date,have to serve as a basis to elaborate hypotheses about the hydrogeological functioning and evolution of the massif. In effect, the situation and precise topography of each of the know cavities of the Aitzbitarte, was to be carried out, despite its archaeological fame. In the same way a scrupulous inventory has been elaborated the massif cavities. This has risen from 8 to 35 catalogued cavities. A precise geological mapping has been carried out. Finally, test were made with tracers to find out drainage directions.

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