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Association for Mexican Cave Studies Bulletin, Vol. 6, December 1977




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January 1977

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AMCS Bulletin, Vol. 6 /Edited by James R. Reddell, 296 pages 1977 (PDF reprint 2005) This volume includes the first results of an intensive study of the cavernicole and related endogean fauna of the Yucatan Peninusla. Also included are accounts of species from other parts of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize. The long final article, which was also originally published as an offprint, discusses the geology and physiography of the Yucatan and the history of cave studies there and also contains brief descriptions of all caves that have been biologically investigated in the Mexican part of the peninsula. GATES, G. E., On some earthworms from North American caves YEATMAN, H. C., Mesocyclops ellivticus Kiefer from a Mexican cave SCHULTZ, G. A., Two blind species, one new, of terrestrial isopod crustaceans (Oniscoidea: Philosciidae) from Yucatan and Guatemala HOLSINGER, J. R., A new genus and two new species of subterranean amphipod crustaceans(Gammaridae from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico BOWMAN, T. E., A review of the genus Antromysis (Crustacea: Mysidacea), including new species from Jamaica and Oaxaca, Mexico, and a redescription and new records for A. cenotensis WAGNER, F. W., Scorpions of the genus Centrnroides Marx from the Yucatan Peninsula (Arachnida, Scorpionida, Buthidae) FRANCKE, O. F., Scorpions of the genus Divlocentrus from the Yucatan Peninsula (Scorpionida, Diplocentridae) MUCHMORE, W. B., Preliminary list of the pseudoscorpions of the Yucatan Peninsula and adjacent regions, with descriptions of some new species (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpionida) ROWLAND, J. M., and J. R. REDDELL, A review of the cavernicole Schizomida (Arachnida) of Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize GERTSCH, W. J., Report on cavernicole and epigean spiders from the Yucatan Peninsula GERTSCH, W. J., On two ricinuleids from the Yucatan Peninsula (Arachnida: Ricinulei) GOODNIGHT, C. J., and M. L. GOODNIGHT, Laniatores (Opiliones) of the Yucatan Peninsula and Belize (British Honduras) CAUSEY, N. B., Millipedes in the collection of the Association for Mexican Cave Studies IV. New records and descriptions chiefly from the northern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico (Diplopoda) PECK, S. B., The subterranean and epigean Catopinae of Mexico (Coleoptera: Leiodidae) REDDELL, J. R., A preliminary survey of the caves of the Yucatan Peninsula Open Access - Permission by Publisher See Extended description for more information.





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