Review of the Millipede Genus Pacidesmus Golovatch, 1991, with Descriptions of Three New Species from Caves in Southern China (Diplopoda: Polydesmida: Polydesmidae)

Sergei I. Golovatch
Jean-Jacques Geoffroy
Jean-Paul Mauries

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The small Southeast to East Asian genus Pacidesmus currently encompasses seven species, all keyed and mapped, including three new from caves in Guangxi Province, China: P. tiani n. sp., P. bedosae n. sp. and P. armatus n. sp. All six congeners from southern China have only been found in caves, all likely representing troglobites, whereas the sole epigean species is known from a high-montane forest in northern Thailand. Such a vast disjunction is certainly due to undercollecting, also meaning a far more diverse fauna of Pacidesmus to actually exist.