A review of the dye tracing experiments done in the Siebenhengste karst region (Bern, Switzerland)

P. Häuselmann
P.-Y. Jeannin
M. Otz

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This paper reviews and summarises 20 experiments to trace groundwater flow in the regions Beatenberg-Hohgant-Schrattenfluh and the Harder chain. We emphasize the water tracing experiment conducted in 1996 in the region Beatenberg / Gemmenalp, where the aim was to better delineate the catchment area of St. Beatus Cave, which extends to the Gemmenalphorn. The entrance of the Bärenschacht - a cave belonging to the Bätterich/Gelberbrunnen catchment - lies within this area. To the north lies a karstic zone within the Tertiary, in which water flows towards superficial brooks. The Bätterich/Gelberbrunnen catchment begins north of the line Gemmenalphorn - Bäreney. In addition, a map of the different dye tracings and of the catchment areas has been compiled.