Relative population densities and predation of the common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus) in natural and cattle-raising areas in north-east argentina

H.A. Delpietroa
N. Marchevskya
E. Simonettib

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Studies were carried out to determine the relative population density and predation of the common vampire bat (Desmodus rotundus) in both natural and cattle-raising ecosystems in north-east Argentina. Relative censuses with nets were used to study the population density, while predation was estimated by direct observation. In the cattle-raising ecosystem, the vampire bat population is almost two times larger than in the natural ecosystem. The vampire preys on cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and poultry in proportion to the availability of these domestic species. The capture in both ecosystems of a larger proportion of males confirms that each sex has different patterns of activity and suggests the existence of division of work.