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January 2007


Th e large, widespread, Southeast Asian genus Glyphiulus Gervais, 1847 is reviewed, with special reference to the granulatus-group, established for the species whose primary characteristics are that the males have sternum 1 devoid of median structures, but supplied with two widely separated prongs, at the base of which are often 1- or 2-segmented vestigial legs, along with the carinotaxy patterns of the collum and metaterga which are highly characteristic and often stable. This group currently encompasses 20 species, all keyed here, including the redescribed pantropical species G. granulatus (Gervais, 1847), as well as G. subgranulatus n. sp., G. paragranulatus n. sp., G. semigranulatus n. sp., G. beroni n. sp., G. deharvengi n. sp., G. pergranulatus n. sp., G. latellai n. sp. and G. basalis n. sp., all from caves in southern China, and G. bedosae n. sp. from a cave in Laos. Th e following two synonymies are established: G. granulatus (Gervais, 1847) = G. vulgatus Zhang & Li, 1982, and G. septentrionalis Murakami, 1975 = G. multicarinus Zhang & Li, 1982.


Diplopoda, Cambalopsidae, Glyphiulus, Cave, Southeast Asia, China, Laos, New Species

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Zoosystema, Vol. 29, no. 1 (2007).





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