A new genus and five new species of Metasarcinae from Peru (Arachnida, Opiliones, Gonyleptidae)

Adriano B. Kury
Emilio A. Maury

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An emended diagnosis for Metasarcinae is given. The genera Cajarnarca Roewer, 1952 (Phalangodidae Tricommatinae), Chacoikeontus Roewer, 1929 and Tschaidicancha Roewer, 1957 (both Gonyleptidae Prostygninae) are transferred to the subfamily. The new genus Incasarcus is described for five new species of the Peruvian Department of Cusco. The five new species Incasarcus dianae sp. nov., Incasarcus pictus sp. nov., Incasarcus argenteus sp. nov., Incasarcus viracocha sp. nov. and Incasarcus ochoai sp. nov. axe described and illustrated. A key to the species of Incasarcus is given and their distribution is illustrated on a map.