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February 1998




By Donald E. Yule, Michael K. Sharp, and Dwain K. Butler of Waterways Experiment Station, 3909 Halls Ferry Road, Vicksburg, MS 39180. Abstract: A microgravity investigation was conducted in the upstream and downstream switchyards of the Wilson Dam powerplant, Florence, Alabama. The objective of the survey was the detection in the switchyard foundations of subsurface cavities or other anomalous conditions that could threaten the stability of the switchyard structures. The survey consisted of 288 gravity stations in the downstream switchyard and 347 stations in the upstream switchyard. Significant anomalous areas in the switchyards were selected on the basis of residual gravity anomaly maps. These results were prioritized and used to guide an exploratory drilling program to investigate the cause of the anomalies. Highest-priority boring location recommendations were in negative gravity anomaly ar- eas, since negative anomalies could be caused by actual cavities or low-density zones that might represent incip- ient cavity formation. Remaining boring locations were in positive anomaly areas for verification purposes. The results of the borings confirm the presence of cavities and soft zones indicative of cavity formation. Open Access - Permission by Author(s) See Extended description for more information.





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