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November 2012


United States, Geology




Articles: Electrical resistivity imaging of cave Divas¡ka jama, Slovenia / M. Andrej and S. Uros A survey of the algal flora of anthropogenic caves of Campi Flegrei (Naples, Italy) archeological district / P. Cennamo, C. Marzano, C. Ciniglia, G. Pinto, P. Cappelletti, P. Caputo, and A. Pollio Assessment of spatial properties of karst areas on a regional scale using GIS and statistics - the case of Slovenia / M. Komac and J. Urbanc Lizards and snakes (Lepidosauria, Squamata) from the late Quaternary of the state of Ceara´ in northeastern Brazil / A.S. Hsiou, P.V. de Oliveira, C.L. Ximenes, and M.S.S. Viana Diet of the newt, Triturus carnifex (Laurenti, 1768), in the flooded karst sinkhole Pozzo del Merro, central Italy / A. Romano, S. Salvidio, R. Palozzi, and V. Sbordoni Human urine in Lechuguilla Cave: the microbiological impact and potential for bioremediation / M.D. Johnston, B.A. Muench, E.D. Banks, and H.A. Barton A method to determine cover-collapse frequency in the Western Pennyroyal karst of Kentucky / J.C. Currens, R.L. Paylor, E.G. Beck, and B. Davidson Open Access - Permission by Publisher Vol. 74, no. 3 (2012) See Extended description for more information.


National Speleological Society





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