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October 2010




Exploration, Survey and Map Credits: The first team worked primarily on the left side of Goochland. The second team worked primarily on the right side of Goochland and Poplar Pit. 1969 - 1972 (names provided by Gary A. O'Dell) Eric Albrektson David P. Beiter Josephine Beiter Charles S. Bishop James C. Currens Ron Gariepy Dave Kelly Jeff Marquis Gary A. O'Dell Tom Roberts Debbie Rogers Jim Sharp Jeff Vansant 1973 - 1977 (names provided by SWORCA map dated March, 1977) John Evans Jerry Gratsch Mary Gratsch Dave Harris Ed Hawkinson Werner Jud Dave Kelly Tim Kettering Marve Knasel Greg Maue James Miller John Miller Pete Miller Richard Sellers David Sligar Ken Macke Larry Wuest CAVEPLOT Computer Software, IBM 1130 hybrid, IBM 370, Calcomp Plotter (4 by 7 feet) University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Map as of March, 1977 (9.41 miles), Southwestern Ohio Regional Caving Association. The CD ROM (version 5, October, 2010), was produced by David Sligar. Exploration history and early maps can be found in: SWORCA Digest 1975, and Caves of Rockcastle County by James R. Rebmann and Gary A. O'Dell. The current known cave is over 11 miles. This October, 2010 version 5 .pdf makes the map scale consistent on a page to page basis. Please discard all copies of the January, 2010 version 4 Goochland.pdf file. This .pdf file is from the Goochland Poplar Pit Cave Complex CD ROM version 5 produced by David Sligar as an effort to preserve a historical record of the exploration and map of the cave. The CD ROM includes map sections in lossless .tif format (LZW compression) that will print on 8.5 by 11 inch paper. IrfanView was used to set resolution and compression. was used to generate .pdf file. The sections were derived by cutting up and scanning a rare 4 by 7 foot 1977 SWORCA map blueprint. Over 60 hours of work (digital cleanup) was involved to make this digital version of the old yellowed paper map. In the future, I plan to reassemble the pages into a digital 4 by 7 foot map. I hope you enjoy the map. David Sligar has been a Greater Cincinnati Grotto, SWORCA, and Lexington Bluegrass Grotto member. Open Access - Permission by Author(s) See Extended description for more information.





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