Fecundity of San Marcos salamanders in captivity. The Southwestern Naturalist

Paige A. Najvar
Joe N. Fries
John T. Baccus


We placed 24 pairs of adult San Marcos salamanders in small flow-through aquaria with rocks and aquatic moss. Some aquaria had clear marbles within tubes through which water upwelled into each aquarium. Seven clutches (eggs per clutch: mean = 34.7; range = 2 to 73) were produced during a 9-month period. Overall hatching success was 29.6%. One breeding pair reproduced 3 times (eggs per clutch: mean = 44; range = 27 to 59) at an average of 64-day intervals during a 191-day period. Once mature, a single female potentially could produce 176 eggs per year in captivity.