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January 2000




Plamen Mitov Department of Zoology and Anthropology, Faculty of Biology, University of Sofia, 8 Dragan Zankov Blvd., 1421 Sofia, Bulgaria. E-mail: AbstractThe opilionid fauna of Albania is still poorly known. In the entire literature on this topic from the territory of this country are recorded 31 species, some of which have vague taxonomical status or need confirmation. As a result of examination of material from the collections of the author and of the National Museum of Natural History in Sofia, 20 species were established altogether. Ten of these (Paranemastoma titaniacum (ROEWER), Mitostoma cancellatum (ROEWER), Trogulus nepaeformis (SCOPOLI), Opilio saxatilis C. L. KOCH, Opilio transversalis ROEWER, Metaplatybunus carneluttii HADéI, Metaplatybunus strigosus (L. KOCH), Rilaena balcanica äILHAV>, Lacinius dentiger (C. L. KOCH), Amilenus aurantiacus (SIMON)) are new to the Albanian fauna. For the other 10 species (Paranemastoma longipes (SCHENKEL), Mediostoma humerale (C. L. KOCH), Trogulus tricarinatus (LINNAEUS), Trogulus graecus DAHL, Dicranolasma scabrum (HERBST), Metaphalangium cirtanum (C. L. KOCH), Opilio parietinus (DE GEER), Metaplatybunus grandissimus (C. L. KOCH), Lacinius horridus (PANZER), Nelima troglodytes ROEWER) new chorological data are provided. Open Access See Extended description for more information.





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