Author Biography

Mayra Cordero has taught science for ten years. She enjoys teaching science and integrating reading, writing, math and history into her lessons. As a Hispanic female, Dr. Cordero embraces cultural diversity.

Elizabeth Davis began teaching at P.K. Yonge in 2019, after serving as the 8th grade science intern during the 2018-2019 school year. Before becoming an educator, she spent two years working in a virology lab at UF.


Through our collaboration, we helped one another rethink and adapt the delivery of our de-tracked science courses for remote instruction as we finished out the 2019-2020 school year, with a particular focus on developing remote instruction practices that would support our learners struggling in our secondary science de-tracked classrooms. We derived three actions to take to target the needs of our students who struggled and to differentiate our instruction. We reduced the amount of material being covered to allow for deeper dives into content, prioritized depth of learning over breadth of learning; connected our remote lessons to our students’ real-world experiences; and capitalized on remote learning technologies to work with our students who were struggling individually. These adjustments resulted in larger than expected attendance and engagement, as evidenced by students’ written responses to our lessons and their summary responses to the question of whether and how science was relevant to their lives.