Author Biography

Stephanie Schroeder is an Assistant Professor of Social Studies Education at the Pennsylvania State University. Her research interests include elementary social studies, teacher education and democratic pedagogy.

Elizabeth Currin is a Ph.D. candidate in Curriculum, Teaching, and Teacher Education at the University of Florida. Her research interests include practitioner inquiry and the history of education.


In response to calls for a reconceptualized approach to pre-service teacher supervision, we propose a model of distant supervision for teacher candidates that blends two evidence-based professional development practices--instructional coaching and practitioner inquiry. The fusion of these frameworks can foster inquiry communities that may ease the transition from teacher candidate to teacher of record. Citing the dilemmas inherent in distant supervision, we argue that this hybrid coaching/inquiry model of student teaching supervision is more suitable to supervision at a distance than coaching or inquiry alone. We invite both comment and critique, hoping to begin a dialogue about how practitioner research can be both enhanced through other professional learning methods and embedded in teacher preparation even at a distance.