Author Biography

Nicholas E. Husbye is a Associate Professor of Reading Education at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He can be reached at umlshusbye@gmail.com. Julie Rust is an Assistant Professor of Education at Millsaps College. She can be reached at jurust@millsaps.edu. Christy Wessel Powell is an Assistant Professor of Literacy and Language Education at Purdue University. She can be reached at cwesselp@purdue.edu. Sarah Vander Zanden is an Associate Professor at the University of Northern Iowa. She can be reached at Sarah.vanderz@uni.edu. Beth Buchholz is Assistant Professor of Reading Education at Appalachian State University. She can be reached at buchholzba@appstate.edu.


Practitioner research is a powerful stance for understanding one’s own practice and reporting out to other practitioners for adaptations within their own contexts. This article focuses on how engagement in a longitudinal, digitally-mediated community of practice supports essential work in practitioner research in regards to collective work as teacher educators. Drawing upon our own experiences, we explore the affordances of four digitally mediated communication channels (video meetings, shared file systems, text messaging, and collaborative writing) and share a series of recommendations for teacher educators interested in sustaining long-term collaborations across digital spaces. When considering the transformative possibilities of digital networks, we envision collectives of like-minded teacher educators working in parallel, pursuing their own inquiries, reporting out in journals and conference presentations. In this way, these networks would inform one another without needing to be a member of multiple and a possibly overwhelming number of networks and buoy the entire field of teacher education.