Author Biography

Ian Mette is an assistant professor at the University of Maine. His research interests include school reform and instructional supervision, as well as bridging the gap between theory and practice.

Teresa Starrett is an associate professor at William Woods University. Her research interests include experiential learning, reflective practice, and instructional supervision.


The purpose of our work the past three years has been to understand how clinically rich laboratories of practice can be created that allow aspiring administrators hands-on experiences in order to learn how to provide effective supervision to teachers. Through our cross-university collaboration, class members in our Educational Supervision courses have been provided an action learning structure and experiential learning opportunities to develop their own concepts of educational supervision. The two primary goals of our work were to understand a) how aspiring administrators identify when to apply directive versus nondirective supervisory behaviors (Glickman, Gordon, & Ross-Gordon, 2014), and b) analyze the perspectives of aspiring administrators regarding the use of technology in simulated laboratories of practice. Secondarily, we also were interested in using feedback from class members to adapt our experiential coursework to provide more authentic supervision experiences that would allow for deeper development of supervision skill practice, acquisition, and refinement.