Developments in the field of technology and transportation have accelerated people to travel and encourage consuming tourism products. For this reason, interest of people for individual travels increases year by year along with package tours. Solo travel, which has important parts of individual travel, is one of the crucial elements in travel industry. An important part of this travel is composed by women. Women interest travel solo with different motivations. In this way, they tend to consume different types of touristic products. However, travel constraints that experienced during solo travels affect satisfaction level of solo women travelers. For this reason, travel motivations and constraints of solo women travelers in Turkey are discussed in this study. Within the scope of the research, face to face interviews were made with 25 solo women travelers. As a result of this research, it is revealed that the most important motivation factor for solo women travelers is getting away from daily routine life as a push motivation factor. It was also stated that the most restrictive factor for them aroused by intrapersonal constraints.


solo travel, women, motivation, constraint

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