Increase in number of people dining out significantly contributes to food waste in restaurants. It is crucial to understand the determinants of food waste. Such determinants are influenced by demographics as well as emotional factors. The present study is meant to understand such factors through the lens of the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). Participants’ intentions are influenced by guilt and this study was conducted to examine the moderating role of guilt. Hypotheses were tested with analysis of data collected from 423 participants. Constructs of extended model were analyzed with AMOS (V.21) for structural equation modeling whereas moderations were tested with Process Macro (V.4). Research findings suggest positive relationship of intention with its predictors (attitude, subjective norms, perceived behavioral control), and moderating impact of demographic factors on these relationships. Results also show positive relationship of intention and food waste behavior as well as positive impact of guilt in their relationship. All tested hypotheses were found supported. Theoretically, this study contributes by extending the TBP model and this model can be used in future studies. The present study provides practical implications for policy makers, owners, managers and other staff members of hotels, restaurants or food outlets. The implications, limitations and future research opportunities are discussed at the end.


attitude, food waste behavior, intention, perceived behavioral control, theory of planned behavior (tpb), subjective norms

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