Community engagement, Development issues, Focus Group Discussion Information service, and Rural women

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In this information age, it is recognized that women's active participation is an essential component of community engagement, and sustainable development. Within this context, this study examined information services for community engagement on development issues in Nigeria with rural women in Yobe State. Qualitative method of data generation was adopted. Focus Group Discussion was carried out with women from the four (4) selected communities. Purposive sampling technique was adopted to select 24 participants for the FGD. The tenets of Source Credibility Theory served the study goal. Based on the findings, it is apparent that most of the women in these communities access information through traditional leaders, radio, and social media. It is also evident that radio, television, newspaper and social media are the major sources of information in the state. The study comes to the conclusion that information resources for development can only be obtained when women in rural communities value information to the extent that they are willing to seek it out and utilize it to address everyday tasks regardless of the distance, format, or medium in which it is offered.



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