Compliance, water resources and reconstruction framework, post-conflct reconstruction, water projects

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Northeast and northwest of Nigeria have, as a result of activities of Boko Haram, bandit and kidnappers, had their public and private properties destroyed. Governments and other stakeholders, upon some successes of the military, have started post-conflict reconstruction to rebuild the war-torn urban and rural communities with the provision of water taking the center stage. This paper looks at the utilisation of Water Resources and a Reconstruction framework for integrating water projects into reconstruction processes. This paper rests on the argument that water projects during reconstruction should not be handled as “normal” water projects and that a more culturally and environmentally sensitive water framework would help to minimise future regeneration of undesirable outcomes. The paper assessed the extent to which the Water Resources and Reconstruction (WRR) framework is complied with in the delivery of water infrastructure in Borno State, Nigeria. This is to better guide present and future reconstruction processes in the water sector and contribute to the water–post–disaster reconstruction debate in Nigeria.



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