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A peaceful environment is a necessity for meaningful growth and development in human society. This review was thus, carried out to examine both immediate and remote causes of Fulani herdsmen/local farmers’ crises in Nigeria, its consequences and the probable way forward. The review which involved searching for both online and offline information on the theoretical basis for the crises and, also the interview of the stakeholders for hands-on information. The crises which was noted to have dated back to 1960s has resulted into loss of lives and property. Apart from this, many homes have been displaced and means of livelihood of many people have become paralyzed. The quest for fodders for animals and the implied encroachment into crop farms as a result of grazing practices have been the main cause of the crisis. the entire citizens have become polarized especially on the possibility of the continued existence of the country. The crises need to be checkmated by all stakeholders if meaningful development and growth will be achieved in the country and its continuity will be ensured. The review recommended good governance, institution of justice, equity and the rule of law as some of the ways to halt the lingered crises.



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