HMP, Twa, Rwanda, Colonial discourse, identity boundaries, vulnerability and human rights.

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This paper contextualises the vulnerability of a Historically Marginalized people (HMP) referred to as the Batwa to explain how their moral inferiority resulting from the constructed microaggressions and attitudinal prejudices, jeopardize their full enjoyment and appreciation of human rights. The dilemmas experienced by the Batwa in Rwanda have until recently received little theoretical and empirical attention thereby disregarding ontological and epistemological distinction. This paper contributes to this lacuna by reviewing colonial discourse of histories and hegemonies and investigating ethnic socio-cultural practices and other mythical tales. The foregoing indicates a genuine need for the application of human rights approach to recognize and to empower the HMP. This paper responds to the question of whether identity boundaries sharpen or obscure vulnerabilities of HMP thereby presents a case study providing policy makers and other actors with information to develop structures and systems protecting their rights.



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