L'Unione Italiana records

L'Unione Italiana records

Most commonly referred to as the “Tampa Italian Club,” L’Unione Societa Italiana di Mutue Socorrose (the Italian Mutual Benefit Society of Tampa) was founded April 4, 1894 under the direction of first club president A.B. “Bartolo” Filogamo. Created as a mutual aid society for Italian immigrants, L’Unione Italiana was established to provide member assistance during periods of sickness, to offer financial assistance to families of deceased members, and to provide lectures, night school and other educational means of auxiliary studies. At its inception, 127 Tampa residents- mostly Italian immigrants from Sicily’s Agrigento Province - established membership. During the organization’s 1902-1905 administration, the name was changed officially to L’Unione Italiana. In 1935, the club merged with rival organization La Societa Sicilia, during which time membership peaked significantly. Although not currently at the heights reached during that time, the organization has seen steady rates of membership throughout its history.


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