Immune Responsive Resolvin D1 Programs Myocardial Infarction–Induced Cardiorenal Syndrome in Heart Failure

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Inflammation resolution, Leukocytes, MiRNA storm, Neutrophil clearance

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Resolvins are innate, immune responsive, bioactive mediators generated after myocardial infarction (MI) to resolve inflammation. The MI-induced bidirectional interaction between progressive left ventricle (LV) remodeling and kidney dysfunction is known to advance cardiorenal syndrome (CRS). Whether resolvins limit MI-induced cardiorenal inflammation is unclear. Thus, to define the role of exogenous resolvin D (RvD)-1 in post-MI CRS, we subjected 8- to 12-wk-old male C57BL/6 mice to coronary artery ligation. RvD1 was injected 3 h after MI. MI mice with no treatment served as MI controls (d 1 and 5). Mice with no surgery served as naive controls. In the injected mice, RvD1 promoted neutrophil (CD11b+/Ly6G+) egress from the infarcted LV, compared with the MI control group at d 5, indicative of neutrophil clearance and thereby resolved inflammation. Further, RvD1-injected mice showed higher reparative macrophages (F4/80+/Ly6Clow/CD206+) in the infarcted LV than did MI control mice at d 5 after MI. RvD1 suppressed the miRNA storm at d 1 and limited the MI-induced edematous milieu in a remote area of the LV compared with the MI control at d 5 after MI. Also, RvD1 preserved the nephrin expression that was diffuse in the glomerular membrane at d 5 and 28 in MI controls, indicating renal injury. RvD1 attenuated MI-induced renal inflammation, decreasing neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin and proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines in the kidney compared with the MI control. In summary, RvD1 clears MI-induced inflammation by increasing resolving leukocytes and facilitates renoprotective mechanisms to limit CRS in acute and chronic heart failure.

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FASEB Journal, v. 32, issue 7, p. 3717-3729