Life in Stalin's Soviet Union

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Life in Stalin's Soviet Union is a collaborative work in which some of the leading scholars in the field shed light on various aspects of daily life for Soviet citizens. Split into three parts which focus on 'Food, Health and Leisure', the 'Lived Experience' and 'Religion and Ideology', the book is comprised of chapters covering a range of important subjects, including:

* Food
* Health and Housing
* Sex and Gender
* Education
* Religion (Christianity, Islam and Judaism)
* Sport and Leisure
* Festivals

There is detailed analysis of urban and rural life, as well as explorations of life in the gulag, life as a peasant, life in the military and what it was like to be disabled in Stalin's Russia. The book also engages with the wider Soviet Union wherever possible to ensure the most in-depth discussion of life, in all its minutiae, under Stalin.

This is a vitally important book for any student of Stalin's Russia keen to know more about the human history of this complex period of dictatorship.

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Life in Stalin's Soviet Union, Bloomsbury Academic Press, 264 p.