USF St. Petersburg campus Honors Program Theses (Undergraduate)

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Nicole Forbes Stowell, Esq.

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Music piracy through the Internet remains a concern for many copyright holders in the United States. To determine the efficiency of current music copyright law and which changes should be implemented to improve it, several factors were taken into account: the legal policies historically and currently in place to protect music copyrights, a survey of court cases related to peer-to-peer file sharing, and copyright holders’ viewpoints on music piracy. Cohesively, these factors support a need for changes in current copyright law and in how music piracy is currently handled. These changes might take the form of reform to the AHRA and/or to the Fair Use Doctrine, a tax on certain music-related products, legalizing free downloading and sharing for noncommercial purposes, informing music consumers more accurately about different aspects of music piracy, and/or utilizing blockchain technology. Implementation of any of these measures or others to improve music copyright law and reduce music piracy requires participation from all those who are affected by music piracy and copyrights.

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