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Spring 2009

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University of South Florida Tampa Library


Finance, Sustainability, United States, Universities and colleges


The environment has been neglected for too much of the history of industrialized society, Only now, after much damage has occurred, are nations beginning to support environmentally friendly policies and initiatives. Despite the effort, the need for change has not hit the all of thepopulation with a "Jolt." One of the best places to develop a sustainability mindset is at the University level. Universities must lead the example as the focal points of their respective communities and as the training grounds for the leaders of tommorrow. Currently, the University of South Florida falls short in the endeavor. The University lacks a centralized office of administrative direction, which is necessary to effectively move the University in the direction of Sustatinability. Despite the lack of an Office of Sustainability the University has a coalition of Students and Faculty created the "USF Sustainability Partners" that is to pursue the move towards a sustainable campus. Thanks to many of their initiatives, the University is poised to set up the structure that will enable the university of South Florida to pursue sustainability.

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Thesis (Honors)--University of South Florida, 2009. Includes bibliographical references. A winning thesis in the Grace Allen Honors College/Library Scholar program.