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Spring 2009

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University of South Florida Tampa Library


Conservation and restoration, Cultural property, Historic sites, Italy, Protection, Roman Forum, Rome, Italy


If walls could talk, what would the crumbling walls of the Curia Hostilia, the Temple of Venus and Roma, or any other structure in the Roman Forum tell us? Surely, tales of the glory of the Roman Empire that erected them would be told in their deserved splendor. However, the Forum Romanum tells the tales of thousands of others as well, the saga of the people who lived around those walls for more than 2000 years. For instance, the Forum’s loss of many of its marble and other stone taken by those in desperate need of building materials in the Dark and Middle Ages. The marks, bruises, and scars of history can be seen at the hallowed grounds that is the Forum Romanum.

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Includes bibliographical referencesThe author would like to thank Dr. Donald Bellante for his helpful, informative mentoring and for his dedication of time to this thesis. A special thanks is also extended to Dr. Georg Kleine for his guidance early in the thesis process and for taking the time to be secondary reader.