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Spring 2011


Kiki Caruson

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This research examines emergency management mitigation and preparation polices in the hazard area of seismic events. With major earthquakes receiving high profile attention in the media, these events have caused widespread fear, physical damage to buildings and infrastructure and loss of life. This research evaluates the weaknesses that are currently affecting areas where earthquakes remain a constant threat. This study uses cases to provide rich description regarding several events and looks in-depth at six seismic events. Variables are sourced from the United Stated Geological Survey and show the magnitude of the earthquake and the official death and injury count for each event. Data for each event comes from local new reports, geological surveys, and other scholarly sources that examine each local event. Data analysis uncovers specific issues that pertain to mitigation and preparedness efforts in regards to earthquakes. As a result of examining these cases, this research will show several areas where mitigation and preparation efforts and policies could be improved so as to save human lives. In both mitigation and preparation, there exists room for improving methods and this research highlights steps that should be taken by any emergency management organization operating under the threat of earthquakes.