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Spring 4-29-2011


Civil Engineering, Bridge Design, Anna Maria Island Bridge, Engineering Design Considerations


A, Gray Mullins Ph.D.

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The capstone design project for the civil engineering students at the University of South Florida involved designing a replacement bridge for the current Anna Maria Island Bridge in Anna Maria, Florida. The new bridge would replace the current low-level, two-lane drawbridge with a high-level fixed bridge. As part of a group of learning engineers, the task at hand was to develop an economically optimal design proposal and then carry this design to a refined stage. However, it is a common misconception among the members of society that designing is the civil engineer’s only obligation to a project. In order to ensure public welfare, civil engineers cannot only concern themselves with the design phase of a project, but they must also consider and stay actively involved in the planning and construction as well. A case study of the Anna Maria Island Bridge project will enlighten readers of the many tasks and design considerations a civil engineer must entertain when developing a project.