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Oral History

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December 2009

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Florida Holocaust Museum in conjunction with University of South Florida Tampa Library and Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center


Asaba (Nigeria), Chukura, Patience, Civil War, 1967-1970, Crimes against humanity, Massacres


Oral history interview with Patience Chukura, a survivor of the Asaba Massacre, a mass killing of civilians which occurred in 1967 during the Nigerian Civil War. Mrs. Chukura and her husband had been living in Benin when the war started and returned back to their family in Asaba. The day the massacre took place, a messenger came to the house where they were staying, telling them that soldiers would be coming around to look for Biafran troops. As the family was on its way back to the Chukura house, Nigerian soldiers pulled Chukura's husband and brother-in-law aside and allowed the women and children to return home. Mrs. Chukura then went to look for her husband, was sent home again, and then took a different route to the police station, where she found that he and several hundred other people had been shot. In this interview, Mrs. Chukura shares her memories of her husband and of the massacre. Her brother-in-law, Emmanuel Chukwara was also interviewed for the project.

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1 sound file (44 min.) : digital, MP3 file + 1 transcript (15 p.)