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Oral History

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August 2008

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Florida Holocaust Museum in conjunction with University of South Florida Tampa Library and Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center


Armored Division, 11th, Army, Atrocities, Austria, Concentration camps, Crimes against humanity, Genocide, Keeton, Shelby, Liberation, Mauthausen, American, United States, Veterans, World War, 1939-1945


This is an oral history interview with Holocaust concentration camp liberator Shelby Keeton. Keeton was a member of the 11th Armored Division, which liberated Mauthausen on May 6, 1945. He was in an armored infantry battalion and was riding on a tank when his unit entered the camp. They were at the camp for over a month, separating the prisoners by nationality to return them to their countries of origin. While there, Keeton met Simon Wiesenthal, who would become a prominent Nazi hunter after the war. Much of Keeton's time at Mauthausen was spent keeping the prisoners from attacking the guards or members of other ethnic groups; he also helped bring in the local townspeople to bury the bodies.

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1 sound file (29 min.) : digital, MP3 file + 1 transcript (25 p.)