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Oral History

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June 2010

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Florida Holocaust Museum in conjunction with University of South Florida Tampa Library and Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center


Crimes against humanity, Florida, Genocide, Holocaust survivors, 1939-1945, Jewish children in the Holocaust, Jewish refugees, Poland, Psychology, Refugees, Soviet Union, Waiberman, Anita, World War, 1939-1945


Oral history interview with Holocaust survivor Anita Waiberman. Waiberman was born in Bilgoraj, Poland in 1937. She was two years old when Germany invaded Poland. The Jewish quarter in her family's town was burned, and the town was occupied for several weeks, first by the Germans and then by the Russians. Waiberman and her family were taken to Siberia, where her parents and eldest sister were sent to labor camps. They stayed in Siberia until 1942, when they left and started to head back to Poland. They lived in the Bindermichel displaced persons camp in Austria and then immigrated to the United States when Waiberman was twelve. In this interview, Waiberman describes her family's journeys in Europe, her difficulties in adapting to the United States, and some of the medical and psychological problems the Holocaust has left her with.

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1 sound file (56 min.) : digital, MP3 file + 1 transcript (20 p.)