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Oral History

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July 2008

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Florida Holocaust Museum in conjunction with University of South Florida Tampa Library and Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center


Army, Atrocities, Buchenwald, Concentration camps, Crimes against humanity, Evacuation Hospital, 120th, Genocide, Germany, Hospitals, Liberation, Medical care, American, Silva, Milton R., United States, Veterans, World War, 1939-1945


This is an oral history interview with Holocaust concentration camp liberator Milton R. Silva. Silva was a truck driver with the 120th Evacuation Hospital, which was one of the units sent to Buchenwald after its liberation on April 12, 1945. When they arrived at the camp, they set up their gear and then walked to the camp's entrance where they saw the survivors walking around as well as the bodies in the crematorium. Silva also saw some prisoners beating a guard who had disguised himself as an inmate. Silva spent about two weeks at Buchenwald with the 120th Evac, where his job was to transport prisoners to the hospital. He was also sent to move evac hospitals into Nordhausen and Mauthausen when those camps were liberated.

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1 sound file (51 min.) : digital, MP3 file + 1 transcript (22 p.)