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Oral History

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August 2008

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Florida Holocaust Museum in conjunction with University of South Florida Tampa Library and Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center


Battle of the Ardennes, Battle of the Bulge, 1944-1945, Army, Atrocities, Buchenwald, Concentration camps, Crimes against humanity, Genocide, Germany, Infantry Division, 80th, Liberation, Myers, Gerald Virgil, American, United States, Veterans, World War, 1939-1945


This is an oral history interview with Holocaust concentration camp liberator Gerald Virgil Myers. Myers was a member of the 80th Infantry Division, which liberated Buchenwald on April 12, 1945. He went to Europe as a replacement, arriving at Omaha Beach four months after D-Day. He and his unit liberated a small labor camp in France, near Pont-à-Mousson, freeing about 200 prisoners. They spent three months fighting in France before being sent to Luxembourg when the Battle of the Bulge began and entering Germany in February 1945. In the Weimar area, they saw several former Buchenwald inmates in prisoner uniforms, so Myers and his unit went to investigate the camp. They found a Lithuanian who could speak English who told them about the camp and mentioned seeing an American tank, probably from the 6th Armored Division, the day before. Myers was at the camp for less than an hour but was in the area for several days bringing prisoners back to the camp so they could be fed and given medical treatment. He frequently speaks about the Holocaust, giving dozens of presentations at local schools.

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1 sound file (92 min.) : digital, MP3 file + 1 transcript (35 p.)