Profile Change and Post-Storm Recovery of Delaware Beaches Resulting from Three Consecutive Storms in 2009

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The impact of three storms on the Delaware beaches during 2009 provided an opportunity to investigate profile changes induced by multiple storms and post-storm recovery on a mixed sand-gravel beach. The distal passage of Hurricane Bill and the associated swells induced beach accretion, as typical of summer months. One of the first winter storms, on October 18th, eroded the summer beach substantially. The much more energetic November Nor'Easter also induced considerable beach and dune erosion. A ridge and runnel system developed immediately after the storm and covered the post-storm gravel beach surface. No storm bars were formed following all three storms. Significant spatial and rapid temporal variations of grain size occurred. Without considering the grain size variations and selective transport, beach erosion and offshore deposition was over-predicted by SBEACH.

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Proceedings of Coastal Sediments 2011, v. 1, p. 1304-1317

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