Natural and Anthropogenic Influences on the Morphodynamics of Big Sarasota Pass, Florida

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Both natural and anthropogenic factors have played a role in producing the present morphodynamic conditions at Big Sarasota Pass. This inlet, of unknown origin and age, is located between Lido Key, a recently nourished barrier island, and Siesta Key, a classic drumstick barrier island. Stabilization of the south channel margin in the 1960s has resulted in an increase in the southerly shifting of the ebb-tidal delta which has produced a narrow and shallow outer channel. This has caused inlet bypassing of sediment to move beyond the updrift end of the island as is typical of natural offset inlets. The nourishment of Lido Key on the updrift side of the inlet has further exacerbated this condition with the result being erosion on the north end of Siesta Key and considerable accretion several hundred meters to the south.

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Coastal Sediments '07, p. 1582-1589

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