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For geropsychology to flourish in the years ahead, we need scientists to advance knowledge and teachers to draw new professionals into the field. In this project the authors surveyed 100 geropsychologists who completed a doctoral degree in clinical or counseling psychology about their experience with training for research and teaching. The majority were currently conducting some degree of research (38%) and some form of teaching (45%). The majority of ratings for components of research training were in the “very good to excellent” range, whereas elements of teacher training were rated in the “poor to good” range, though there was variability among persons and components. Qualitative comments revealed enthusiasm for research and teaching roles and a need to enhance our training of geropsychologists as educators. The authors provide several suggestions that could enhance research and teacher training for current and future students of professional geropsychology.

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Gerontoloy & Geriatrics Education, v. 37, issue 1, p. 43-61

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