The dasycladalean alga Chinianella? scheympflugi was described by Hofmann (1994) from the Tithonian of the Ernstbrunn Limestone of Lower Austria. This alga, so far unreported besides its type-locality, is reported from the Late Jurassic of Poland, the Northern Calcareous Alps of Austria, Crimea (Ukraine), and Greece (Parnassos Zone). Facies are well-agitated outer platform habitats (peri-reefal and back-reefal facies). The cylindrical thallus consists of three parts: a sterile Salpingoporella-like basal part (stalk), a fertile Chinianella-type main portion and a short sterile top part. The transition from the stalk to the main thallus portion is well marked and abrupt. The stratigraphic range of Chinianella? scheympflugi can be indicated as (Late) Kimmeridgian-Tithonian (?Early Berriasian).

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