A Preliminary Comparison of Meiobenthic Cladoceran Assemblages in Natural and Constructed Wetlands in Central Florida

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Chydoridae, cladocerans, constructed wetlands, marshes, meiobenthos, mitigation, phosphate mining, wetlands

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In Florida, phosphate mining companies that destroy natural wetlands are required to construct mitigation wetlands. Comparisons of plant communities are frequently used to determine the degree to which constructed wetlands mimic natural wetlands, but efforts to address similarity based on fauna are rare. Studies in lake littoral zones suggest that meiobenthic cladocerans possess characteristics that may make their use in wetland comparisons advantageous. In this study, meiobenthic cladocerans were sampled from 8 natural freshwater wetlands and 11 freshwater wetlands constructed on phosphate-mined lands. The pulsed nature of the cladoceran communities limits their value as a quantitative measure of the similarity of natural and constructed wetlands. Qualitative analyses based on the presence or absence of species suggest that cladoceran assemblages of some constructed wetlands mimic those of some natural wetlands, but the range of assemblages found in constructed wetlands is narrower than that found in natural wetlands. © 1993 Society of Wetland Scientists.

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Wetlands, v. 13, issue 4, p. 229-236